My good friend John Carter recommended I read this review.

I think that books like this and the ideas in them are ahead of their time.

Ethnogenesis, the power of cultic ritual as a weapon against the elite, mysticism, etc.

These are powerful ideas. Ideas whose time is soon coming.

Also, I'm glad I found your substack!

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I'm reading this now thanks to this review, and kind of hoping I'm not on a list after ordering it, although I rather suspect I was put on a list just for reading the review because god damn, this is spicy. This is excellent stuff, well deserving of a wide audience in our circles.

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One clarification - this is Clay's third novel. The previous were, respectively, "Last Son of the War God" and "Sword of the Caliphate."

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I’ve read WotW now a couple of times.

Cascadia’s organizational methods (within a non-permissive environment) could be its own case study.

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